I thought it would be nice to acknowledge the s/w developers and vendors who help to make life easier for many of us.

I bought PDANET to use with a new Treo 680 that I bought in late July. But then I went away for 6 weeks, had no reason to connect to the net (plus I did not bring laptop with me) so did not use PDANET much. Unfortunately, the Treo 680 I bought was too unstable (opening the back and taking out the battery numerous times during the day was no fun), so I gave it away and got a Centro. Have to have PDANET because it is the only way I can connect my laptop to the internet. Found out that the version for the Centro is different. So I sent an email to June Fabrcs and asked for the Centro version for free- and they gave it to me! Thanks, June Fabrics!

I have been using PDANET since it first came out (recommended it to friends and colleagues). No relation to the company- just a happy customer saying thanks!