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    Yes, I know dumb question from a non-newbie. I have never paid attention to that because I have always had outlook on the desktop but now I have a new laptop and I just noticed that it only has outlook express.

    I sold my PPC 6800 and am suffering with a java phone until the fuze is released. Will my new WM Pro Fuze come with a copy of Outlook for the desktop? Is that a standard thing? I seem to remember their being an outlook CD when I bought my 700WX a few years ago....
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    It will come with the conduit for Outlook but not Outlook itself. That will need to be purchased from Microsoft.

    Office Standard is the cheapest version with Outlook.
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    It looks like this is the cheapest way to go I guess,,,,

    I guess I could skip outlook and just use HTC backup for PIM backup

    Hmmm,,,,,,,,, Maybe I'll check craigs list
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    You could always go with Thunderbird (with something like the Lightning plugin). For the necessary 3rd-party conduits, FinchSync is free (though it takes some doing) and BirdieSync is a lot less than Outlook.
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    Thanks for the input. I ended up getting outlook for 30 bucks off craigs list.

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