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    ...apparently "under new management" But the "Company Info" page still lists the same old stuff.

    I think the moronic UI of PoketGear did it in... and it's nice to know that buyers can still have their say in such things.
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    That is interesting. I thought it was just a site they brought back because users complained about lost accounts, etc.

    I wonder what made them decide to bring it back.
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    Apple APP Store.
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    Motricity no longer owns PocketGear (and the affiliated direct to end user sites). Their customers are the carriers now.

    It was purchased by one of the former members of the Motricity management team. The new owner/management resurrected it.
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    I've purchased Palm OS software from Palm Gear for years, and I'm glad to see them back. When I saw this thread, I popped onto the site and saw that they're offering a 20% discount through the 14th ... Time to peruse the catalog again!
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    Not sure why the apple app store gets all this fuss. We've had various other app stores for palm and wm for years. Even this site. If anything the apple app store is worse in that its too controlling of what makes it on there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Not sure why the apple app store gets all this fuss.
    What about the fuss when the first iPhone came out. I told people that my first Treo was able to make and receive calls, SMS, email, surf the web, addresses, todo, notes, calendar. And that was way back in 1993.

    They're not impress and focus on the screen and the camera.
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