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    I'm getting REAL tired of people and my boss thinking I'm texting like a little girl.

    Not to mention taking notes in my own handwrighting was great and fast, didnt even have to look at the screen

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    That is cute! Not likely to see the light of day, but a very cute picture.
    -- Josh
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    true, me and the graffiti treo are like the "legalize it" protester guy at the back of every legitimate function. sigh, maby next year......
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    I think with the failure and passing of the Samsung i500/i550 design we may have seen the last of the great graffiti phones.

    That was such a great design, I would still be using it if my company's Goodlink servers supported it. I had to have push email so was forced to go to the brick Treo.

    Like the "legalize it" guy, though, I still hold out the hope that someday someone will come up with a clamshell phone that has the Palm OS and graffiti. Are you listening, God?

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    yup, I forget the name of the series but some came with a key pad or graffiti. if palm just made a small number of graffiti treos at least, come on!

    oh yeah mmmmm i500 gggggggggg
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    I feel you guys, but I couldn't live without qwerty. Grafitti Anywhere provides just enough non-little girl data entry. A grafitti Treo would allow for very little handed functionality. I had a visorphone once and I could never go back to graffiti only.

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