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    I need a smartphone with chinese support and complete keyboard. I do not like Windows platform so the candidates are Symbian phones and PalmOS phones, iPhone does not have a real keyboard but a virtual one. Nowadays I use a Symbian Nokia E61 with Singapur firmware, it lets me write in English or Simplified Chinese. I wonder if there is Chinese support in PalmOS Treos, or they can be easely adapted. Other question is the OS, Symbian does not allow install apps that are not "signed", so its difficult to write your own software with a SDK, I don't know if it is possible in PalmOS.
    Please clear that questions to me.
    I did not consider Blackberry but if anybody can help...
    Thank you very much in advance.

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    If you buy the Palm OS Treo / Centro in Hong Kong, it does come with the Chinese software. You can choose English interface with Chinese support. If you buy the Treo 750 (WinMo), you have to buy the CE-Star. It allows you to write, type and read Chinese in emails, docs and IE.

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