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    Ok like the title says is there a way to convert ringtones stored as a pdb file to mp3?

    The reason I ask is because my wife has collected about 25mb of ringtones on her Centro. Its taken over 3 years and 3 Treos of downloading Sprint ringtones to acomplish this.

    Needless to say she wants to keep all the ringtones she paid for but they do take up alot of memory, and moving them back and forth with a file manager really isnt an option. (resco doesnt let you do that anyway)

    I wanted to just move all the files to the sd card and have a 3rd party ringtone manager play them from there. (either as pdb but most likely mp3)
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    Well I figured out the answer to this.(workaround really)

    I used the search function in resco explorer to gather up all the ton* purchased ringtones from sprint and move them to the sd card. Without using the search function resco wont let you move/alter them for some reason. After I put them on the card I use resco explorer again to add the .aac suffix and voila. Ptunes plays them ans so does her ringtone manager program.

    So the fix for the problem was as simple as changing the extension.

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