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    Over the last year I have purchased TWO Nutshell cases and both have been defective. Both have something inside that rubs off and sticks to the keyboard. This does not happen with other brands of cases I have used.

    When I purchased the first case I contacted them and they said it was from me and probably the oils in my face. When I replied that is doesn't happen with any other case I never got a reply.

    So I waited and ordered a second case and after a week it happened again. This time I called their toll free number on their website. The lady told me they would send another one and I had to send them an email with my order number.

    I sent the email via their link with all required info and I have heard NOTHING from them. In fact I have sent to additional messages via their website and have heard nothing.

    In my opinion they are NOT standing behind their product. Two cases, two problems, and no replies to an of my messages.

    So tell me, What would you do?

    And if you say they will take care of me I ask you, HOW?

    I will follow up if this changes.
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