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    I think it was a shrewd move to label the Centro as a "beginner" smartphone. Notice they sold the hell outta those things. I think those "beginners" are drawn to it cause it's small & cute, like the ever-present blackberry.

    I got one back in March for $60 when I reactivated my Sprint service, but have since switched to a 755p because the Centro was simply too small for me, and the battery life was a dealbreaker. Other than that, the Centro is a solid device.
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    Yes, a great move by palm to gain customers. But in doing so, they moved themselves to the bottom of the OS pile.

    Basic marketing, the p's. Price is one of them and signifies (to many) quality. As someone already mentioned, if this was the beginner one, what else did palm have that was better? How could they still sell 755p's for so much?

    IMO, they fail at marketing still. The centro was a success despite the bad marketing. Imagine if they had common sense? Ask the average centro owner about pockettunes and they'll probably go "huh?"

    Same with WM treos. What makes them pro over the centros? Don't assume anything. WM has a bad perception. Market its strengths and what makes it unique on a palm treo. Sprint should take the blame too here.

    I don't consider myself too old or young..but seeing a commercial about multitasking for the centro did nothing for me. Apple has it right when it comes to marketing and its not rocket science. Show what the phone can do..
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    i was kinda upset initially because i was the techy among my friends, only to show up one day with a "beginners" phone...i had 3 treos before my centro, and expected the centro to be a downgrade because of the marketing, but lo and behold, it was actually alot more efficient and had a lot of improvements that i didn't know were included...

    i was also pretty offended by the overt marketing to the young, female crowd...although i'm a 20-something gal, i use my smartphone for more than setting up spa days and ladies nites yeah, palm dropped tha ball on that (and i'll add that my father is a marketing exec, so i have a super critical opinion of most ads from hearing his critiques - he & i thought it was more likely to put off the demographic that can actually afford the damn phones than attractive to the girls pictured on the box)
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    I think it was really smart to label it as entry level. Let's face it POS is awesomely easy and intuitive to use so from that perspective, most Treo's are also entry level. With it being more stable than past devices, they wouldn't have as many frustrated customers. They weren't going to lure many enterprise customers back from WM anyway but this way they might get some on their "new" OS whenever/whatever that is.
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    I just got my first Treo about 4 days ago, a Centro. I used to have a PPC6700 that ran Windows Mobile 5, which I upgraded to a cooked 6.1 rom. I got the Centro from my cousin who used the phone bone stock for the entire year she had it. As soon as I got I was installing apps and using it as a modem. I don't know how Palm was marketing the device but I think it just depends on the user and what they want out of the device. So far with my experience with Palm OS I still prefer Windows Mobile, but I think thats just because I know nothing about Palm OS and apps for it. Still learning.
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