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    How to parse ContactsDB-PAdd in order to take all the contacts from there without loosing some fields?
    I'm trying to upgrade from treo 650 to 755p and there are some contacts on 650 which have some fields which don't sync with desktop (I don't know why). When I open ContactsDB-PAdd in text editor the fields are there. I've tried to just copy ContactsDB-PAdd (by backuping and selectively restoring by Nvbackup) from 650 to 755, didn't work either, shows no contacts after that. Is there any way to do it? I've red that something from could be used?
    2. Is there any way to use existing ContactsDB-PAdd in palm simulator? Where do I have to copy the file?

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    You could simply sync to Outlook. IF you use any custom fields, you will need to add them to the field mapping for Outlook.

    Have you tried beaming the contacts from one to the other? You can beam by category. It can't all be done at once but considering you can only have 15 categories it shouldn't be that bad to do it that way.
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    Thanks for the quick response.
    I should have mentioned before, that I've tried to switch to Outlooks conduit and it didn’t work.
    But what a surprise, beaming worked like a charm, I've tried only on one contact, and will do by category later.
    Again Thanks very much.

    Still, it's interesting, is there any way to put ContactsDB-Padd with existing contacts to palm simulator? And is there any way to parse that file outside of palm?
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    I'm curious if anyone know how to get contacts from PalmOS (650) to Windows Mobile (800w) using just the ContactsDB-PAdd.prc file?

    btw, I never sync the 650 to a pc and no longer in possession of a 650.
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    There is no known way of doing that?

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