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    As the title states I had a 680 for a little over 2 years, and my 2 yr old threw it from the 2nd floor to the 1st. Now I have a 750 windows version and I wanted to know if I can move anything from the 680 to the 750? I do not have the CD from the 750's box either. Is this possible? Contacts, pics, any of my 3rd party apps? Zlauncher, RingoPro, etc or are they all specific to either the 680 or the 750?

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    Oh yeah, my 680 is in parts now, so I can't sync and have the 680 point to Outlook..

    Also on the 750 it says outlook is not on the phone... How can I get it to see it?
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    I'm facing a similar problem, but moving from a Treo 680 to Treo 800w.

    It's been some time now for you; What were you able to move over.

    Thanks in advance for sharing.
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    I you used out look on the 680 then yes when you sync the wm treo all your contacts, calender, tasks etc (PIM) will sync to the wm treo. For your documents you may have to open each one and copy and past the text into a word document and then drop tose on the wm treo card through active sync via browsing with file explore. No, zlauncher and other PALM applications will not run on the wm treo. Congratulations on moving to a better more powerful treo. I was on palm for 5 years and made the switch to WM a few years ago and have loved it ever since. It was a little bit of a learning curve and a few a little frustration in the beginning but it was very well worth it.
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    If you were not syncing with Outlook and are no longer able to sync your old Treo you can get Chapura's Pocket Copy to move the PIM data to Outlook. As to PalmOS apps, you can run some of them on a PalmOS emulator called Style Tap. They won't sync though.

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