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    I bought a 755 for full price in December of 2007 and would really love it but for the random (usually at the most inconvenient moment) resets and freezes. Recently I let the battery run out. This apparently caused a hard reset and I lost all contacts/phone numbers that had been added in the prior week. Yes - I hadn't hotsynch'd. Today I had to reinstall the Garmin Mobile XT and can't recover the many "My Locations" I worked so hard to enter.

    My contract expires in September and the 755p is being discontinued by Verizon. I had been thinking that I might try to wangle a new one for re-signing. Now I see my only option along those lines would be to get a Centro instead. Can I use the Garmin Mobile XT which runs from a card (Micro, I believe) on the Centro? Does it handle e-mail Active Synch the same way as the 755? How does the 755 to Centro move feel to those who have made it? Or should I be ready to just make a complete switch?

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    basically, the centro is the same exact phone in a smaller form factor. Runs everything the 755p does. People insist the keyboard is smaller, but really, the buttons are the same size just no space. Try it at the store to see if you can use it, that's what I did. To me it's no more difficult than the treo form factor.

    And - it uses a cheaper data plan (on vzw - $30/mo instead of $45) adn it's significantly smaller - much lighter. Hold them both side by side...

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