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    hello to all ..i wish to buy my first treo smartphone and finding it difficult to make a choice between 680 and 750..i would be using it highly for voice calls (so looking for a good battery life).i wont be using much for web browsing or shooting pictures therefore the 3g and 1.3 mp camera on 750 doesnt charms me much.(although having such features on a cell is always a welcome but not a deciding factor for me).the only plus point i see in 750 is its new os which has a better graphical appeal and is compatible with other useful 3rd party applications like Skype.
    my real point of concern is which of the two models has a faster interface..say like browsing thru the menus or using applications??i had earlier used the htc touch and it's windows op.system 6 did take a freez while using various applications and was also a bit complicated using it ( say like retrieving a number from the recieved call list while driving).i would love to buy a faster phone which is easy to operate.i would be really thankful if you guys could clarify me on my points if i am mistaken.
    I would highly appreciate ur suggestions.thanks in advance.
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    If battery life is important to you, and web browsing is NOT, may I consider you look at a Treo 650?
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    The 650? Not what I would call even close to a stable device. The 700P, 755P and Centro are much, much better devices for Palm OS.

    If you are brand new to this smart phone world, consider a WM device - the operating systems are good and support continues to grow.

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