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    For as long as I can remember have wanted a smart phone. I have never been able to manage physically writing things in a daily planner, but somehow have managed to use a palm pilot religiously. I always thought it dumb to carry a palm pilot and a phone when I could carry one device to do both jobs, however, as a hockey player and a recent college grad I havent really had the extra cabbage to put down on a phone.

    Dont ask me why, but I have always been enamored with the Treo line of phones. I think it is a mix of design, style and size. As I have bigger hands it drives me nuts how every phone is getting smaller and smaller.

    In every review I have read in doing research the Palm OS seems to win by a small margin when compared to WM, but it is also always stated that it is a personal preference. The main complaint I have heard of WM on all phones is the fact that they, much like their desk/laptop companions, have a nasty habit of freezing and bogging down, though in reading these forums the random resets of the PalmOS are a concern too. While I have used a PalmOS device for quite some time, I have really only used the calendar and memo functions so I dont think I am set so far in a PalmOS mindset that WM would be foreign.

    I am mainly looking to upgrade to a phone that will provide:
    a solid phone
    solid texting capabilities which I do to much of
    contact organization (name, phone, email, address, etc)
    calendar functions
    email and web-browsing (though these two are not an immediate concern)
    Word and Excel documents are a feature I would like, but seems standard

    (As a side note it drives me nuts when I am texting and I have to wait for the phone to catch up to ensure I have not mis-spelled anything)... which I have been told the PalmOS is better at keeping up than WM.

    I am rather "rough" on my phones in the sense that I do not baby them like some people (though this may change given the value of such a device), and I also expect that my investment last longer than my current contract, especially if I am dropping a couple hundred on it.

    I have mainly been looking at the 650 and 680 on the PalmOS side. I havent really looked at the 700 or 800 models based on the WM which I think I have pigeon-holed arbitrarily and the fact that the cost is substantially higher, and likewise the 755 despite being a PalmOS the cost is again more.

    The 650 I like the style of and have been told that it was full of improvements from the previous models and that the newer models havent improved that much over. However, some location quarks as in the SD slot, etc and some minor tweaks show its age.

    The 680 I like as it has been described as a more refined version of the 650 with minor improvements, but the VGA camera and some other things have me wondering why they werent upgraded.

    The other models I havent looked at that closely simply again because of cost concerns and my unfamiliarity with WM, which I have a couple of friends that I can test drive this on.

    Can anyone provide some insight as to how to go about searching for the right phone?

    What is the general consensus of ranking from the 800, 755, 750, 700, 680 and 650 models?

    I am also wondering, what is the future of the PalmOS, considering 3 of the last 4 Treo models have been on a WM platform?

    I appreciate any responses.
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    You should look into the Centro as is it fairly inexpensive and seems pretty durable. It is PalmOS based so your info from your old palm should transfer right into it with problems.
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    I have looked into them, but they are smaller than the Treo. When I have held the Centro in the stores it feels to small and is something I am uncomfortable with.

    Basically, I guess my question is this...

    I know I want a Treo, and out of that Treo I want a phone that:

    will withstand the daily grind
    provides solid texting capabilities
    offers simple navigation to key choice programs/apps
    easy to use contact organization (name, phone, email, address, etc)
    easy to use calendar functions
    friendly use of email and web-browsing
    capable of viewing and modifying Word and Excel documents
    the larger the keyboard the better
    camera functionality is a plus
    has a screen that wont fade with bright lights
    has a good battery life (if that is even possible)
    has the ability to be a decent phone on a stand alone basis

    Im Palm OS raised but able to adapt with a budget under $250 (wont be buying from a retailer, or under the table through a friend if I do)

    If asked that question, what are the top 2-3 models I should seriously look at?
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    The PalmOS, as we know it, is at the end of it's life. It is still a great system and many people still love it. It is simple and has many great applications. It can do everything you want. Depending on your carrier, the 680 or the 755 is the best full-size palm. However, if you read the reviews and Centro board, you will find that many people who had the full-size Treos, are very happy with the Centro and would not go back. (Myself included). The speed, performance, size and stability of the Centro is just amazing. Battery life is the main negative.

    Windows Mobile will do what you want too. It is turning in to a decent smartphone OS. Still not as easy and intuitive as the Palm, but it's pretty good. The 700wx is very solid and of course, the 800W looks real nice.

    Palm will be coming out with a new OS next year, so maybe you want to get and in-expensive used Treo or a Centro and then take a look next year.
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    I appreciate the response...

    ... the introduction of Palms new OS next year is something that almost had me debating if I wanted to hold my purchase off until it came out. However, as this will be my first step into the realm of smartphones I think it almost better to relieve some pressure on the wallet and get one of the current models... that and through a lot of bad experiences have pretty much sworn off anything that is a first generation model.

    For my use I am sure that both the Palm OS and WM would do the things I would ask, my thought it that I dont want to get a Palm OS now, and then in 2-3 years when I upgrade the phone I have to adjust to WM because Palm OS is dead.

    In the reviews I have read things are basically summarized as...

    amazingly intuitive and easy to use
    for the most part less steps to navigate the menus
    better standard and 3rd party applications
    runs smoother than WM
    hasnt seen a real update in a while and probably wont

    Ability to multi-task
    decent navigation
    PC compatible without problem (home and office friendly)
    will continue to be upgrades
    has the tendency to crash and need a restart like a desktop would (typical windows problems ... this is my big problem)

    Beyond that the differences between every Treo out there are minor outside of the 800w that has a face lift but will be well beyond budget.

    Part of me was thinking of picking up a 650 for cheap just to break into the game, but the life expectancy of the OS has me second guessing.
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    Like a bunch of others, I have been a long time POS user and have had virtually all of the Palm "Treo" devices and a few other WM ones for short periods of time. In the Palm OS world, the Centro is an excellent device. Once one gets use to the key pad, it is hard to beat. The applications are excellent that come with it and that can be added to it. Applications such as DateBook 6, TakePhone, ChatterEmail, 2Day, 4Cast, Documents To Go, and a number of others are unique in the world of handhelds, as they provide functionality nothing else comes close to.

    WM devices. I have had 4 of them; 3 for periods of time so short that I never put forth any effort to really use them for various reasons. The 800W though comes closest to meeting my desire for 1-handed operation (not there though compared to Palm) and memory. The other WM devices had their own issues and due to that I did not add many 3rd party applications to them. The 800W though as me registering Style Tap, MemMaid, and HanDBase. I am close to registering a few other ones.

    The Palm OS series is easy to customize and is amazingly consistent. The WM series though is not as easy and after 3 hard resets in the "customization line" of using it, I am very disappointed there. What I do like though is multi-tasking, which it does well. Stability wise it has been very good.

    The 650 is not what I would consider under any circumstances. I hated the 2 650s I had. The 700P is better and the Centro is by far better. Upon getting the 800W, my Centro went to my oldest son; the 700P went to the youngest son; the wife kept her Centro; and the 650 went in to the garbage.
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    BC, thanks for the input, I will have to give another look at the Centro and see if the keyboard is something I would be able to adjust to.

    Did you have any experience with the 680? What are your thoughts?

    Thinking out loud/side question...
    Im wondering how much access I would have to tzones through tmobile with a treo... I have read that some get it to work and some dont (and tmobile staffers wont give a straight answer). Do you guys know of any tried and true methods to obtaining access to the internet without having to add a pricey data package to the plan?
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    The agro you will have playing "find the port" as T-Mo figures out non-qualified phones are being used and shuts them is not worth the few dollars saved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by irishgoaltender22 View Post
    BC, thanks for the input, I will have to give another look at the Centro and see if the keyboard is something I would be able to adjust to.

    Did you have any experience with the 680? What are your thoughts?

    Thinking out loud/side question...
    Im wondering how much access I would have to tzones through tmobile with a treo... I have read that some get it to work and some dont (and tmobile staffers wont give a straight answer). Do you guys know of any tried and true methods to obtaining access to the internet without having to add a pricey data package to the plan?
    I have a Treo 680 and it's a very nice solid phone. It's headphone jack can be somewhat finicky but other than that, it's very nice. It's a very solidly built phone and can survive being dropped on the floor. The speakerphone is very nice and its phone application (the GSM version) is very intuitive and easy to use. If you have a Palm device with Bluetooth and a big screen like the Palm TX, it's extremely easy to tether it to the 680 and use the 680 as a wireless modem for your TX. While the keyboard on the 680 is very nice, I have also played around with the Centro at the AT&T stores and have found that its keyboard is every bit as good as the 680's.

    TZones used to work quite well (albeit somewhat slowly) for my old Treo 600. But at some point T-Mobile realized that they were basically giving away a service for which they normally charge people thirty dollars, they blocked web access for TZones. While it is technically possible to set up your home computer as a proxy for TZones, doing so is more trouble than its worth IMHO.

    T-Mobile's Internet access costs twenty dollars a month now in the United States and it includes Wi-Fi hotspot access. While it's true that PalmOS Treos and Centros don't have Wi-Fi, T-Mobile doesn't seem to care if you use your phone's number and password to log your laptop or Palm TX onto one of their Wi-Fi hotspots.

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