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    i live in Raleigh and I have VZW 700P and my daughter has Sprint Centro. She has much better coverage than i do. I would reconsider Sprint. Personally i would go with a 755P or Centro. I think VZW sucks. I had ATT a few years ago and it was okay. Sprint seems the best in the area IMO
    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)
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    Just ordered a Sprint phone...says it's shipped overnight, but it's the who knows when it'll show up!
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    Am I missing something? How come youre not considering blackberries since youre already used to them?
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    I found that with not having a touchable screen, made it so that I didn't like pulling out my blackberry for information (i.e. it was fantastic for email, but I think the treo beats it hands down for PIM, calendar, etc...).

    So someone would ask "what days do you have open next month" and everyone at the table would be able to check almost instantly and I'd have to hit the key strokes to get to that particular date (just one example). I really missed being able to look with a stylus which made it much easier and quicker.
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    I live in Paradise, when the Treo 800W came out, I placed my order that day (Friday morning) and was told it would be here Saturday. Well, Monday is when it showed up.

    BB - it does email well and is learning to do other things, but those other things at this point do not match the rest of the world.
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    Keep us posted. I am interested on how you like the 800w.

    I am a current iPhone guy who came from a trusted 700P on Sprint (and numerous Palm OS's prior). Living with an iPhone for about a year... I find myself being pulled back into the Palm fold again. Mainly because the iPhone is a consumer device no matter how many "business bells and whistles" they pump into it.

    I miss my old global search, notes that sync, task list and ability to rebuild the device is something went wrong with syncing. (This just happened to me... all of my notes were blown from the device and there is not a good way to get the notes back. Argh! Darn you 2.0!)

    The Palm is not sexy, but it worked and worked well most of the time.


    P.S. And in all of the iPhone forums i've found... I really miss the guys and gals of TreoCentral. You are all: helpful, mostly non-judgemental, and overall the best tech a Palm guy could wish for!
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    Pardon me if some of the following is a bit off-topic relative to smartphones. I too am a technician who started a one-man company recently. One of the best technology purchases I have made was a Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 R2 (comes with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003), with an upgrade from Windows Sharepoint Services 2.0 (also included) to 3.0 so I could have a wiki on our intranet site for an online company operations manual.

    My wife and I have both used Treo 650s for several years now; however, we are getting ready to upgrade to the Treo 800w (WinMo version) because of all the advantages of WinMo coupled with our own Exchange Server.

    By the way, we are on Sprint here in the Los Angeles area which has great coverage, very high speed, and great prices!

    If you are just launching out on your own as a "one-man company", I highly recommend you read the following books on business systemization and becoming a strategic business owner (i.e., how to work "on" your business as a strategic business owner and not just "in" your business as a technician):

    • The E-Myth Revisited, by Michael Gerber

    • Make Your Business Run Without You!, by Susan Carter

    • System Buster, by Philip Paul Beyer

    • Becoming a Strategic Business Owner, by Daniel M. Murphy

    If you're interested in more resources on adopting a CEO mindset and building a "systems-dependent" rather than an "owner-dependent" business, feel free to email me at ccummings at cagsite dot com.

    Let us know what smartphone you ultimately go with and how it works out for you.

    The very best to you with your new business!
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