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    I originally posted in the Treo 680 forum, but haven't gotten any replies, so I thought I'd try here.

    Is it possible to sync VersaMail on a Treo 680 with Outlook via wired Hotsync?

    If so, what exactly gets synched? Does read/unread/forwarded status get synched?

    If I've moved a message to a folder on the Treo, does that status get synched so that the message is moved in Outlook?

    If a message is deleted on the Treo, is it then deleted in Outlook?

    This would be for a Treo 680 running the Palm O.S., checking a POP e-mail account using Versamail.

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    Not exactly the question you asked, but an IMAP email account (rather than a POP one) would do what you require, if that's an option.
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