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    I was thinking about buying a Treo 750 from amazon.

    As anyone done this?
    They do not have an option for adding text messageing and they also tell you you cant change your plan within 6 months or they will charge you 250 dollars.

    Conditional $250 Discount
    The Price listed above for this phone includes an instant $250 discount from You agree to repay this $250 discount to if, during the six-month period following the activation date or renewal date of your existing contract, you: (1) fail to pay your balance due each month on time; (2) fail to maintain your account in good standing; (3) disconnect the line of service; (4) transfer the phone to another line of service; (5) change your service rate plan, including canceling or removing required PDA, BlackBerry, or smartphone features after your product has shipped; or (6) use this line of service to replace an existing account with the carrier. The discount is available only if you are activating a new non-substitute line of service or extending an existing line of service. If you do not follow these rules, you authorize to charge your credit card $250 as reimbursement of the discount without need for further approval. Third-party resellers are prohibited from purchasing cell phones on behalf of customers. **Purchase limit five (5) single-line accounts per household.**
    Has anyone had any luck with this?

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    I would strongly not recommend buying phone devices off of anywhere other than a store... You dont know if it is referbushed or what type of mechanical difficulties they have. Typically from my experience if you are working with goodlink the devices people bought from third party places inhibit problems.
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    Buying from Amazon, Wirefly, Letstalk, etc... is completely fine. You will receive a brand new unit that is not refurbished. Most of the time if you buy from these 3rd parties the price with be much much cheaper, often close to free. The 3rd party, in this case Amazon, receives a cut from Sprint for selling you the line of service. You have to keep this line active in order for them to receive the cut that is why you can't change plans for 6 months. For example if you remove a data plan Amazon will not get the cut and require you to pay what they would have received from Sprint.
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    i was looking at the 750 for att.

    when u add the phone to your cart, it doesnt ask you if you want to add text messages.

    reading that makes me believe if i was to change (add) something in my plan, i would get charged 250$.
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    No, you can add services to your heart's content. They will never have a problem with that! But to get the discount price you have to sign up for the 2-year contract. Once you sign up, it's all good as far as AT&T is concerned.
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    Right. But what about Amazon? Amazon said you cant change your plan or else they will charge you the 250$. Maybe I am reading to deep into it.
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    Haha that means that Amazon is making profit also by locking you into your initial contract.

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