Please forgive if this has been asked before and I'm sure it has I just can't find it.

I'm looking at getting some Map software for my Treo 700 and the store here sells the 3 in the subject line. Each product is rated quite highly here. Unfortunately when i start doing some research Navigator is ripped apart for various reasons and one of the biggest simply being the maps are very out of date and there is no update to them without paying a huge price to get them even if you have just bought the product. the other problem I have is actually finding information on the product on TomTom's website. I accidently hit the european site first and it was very easy to find smartphone/gps integrated products. I hit the US site and it's buried and difficult to find. That doesn't fill me with warm fuzzies at all.

Garmin is dinged as well too on any number of areas mainly out of date databases once again. I haven't been able to find if these are updatable with the purchase of the product or if it's the TomTom situation.

CoPilot, well, I'm having problems finding any real reviews on the copilot mobile software. At least anything I'd take real serioiusly.

So I'm looking for advice on what people like/dislike about the 3 above or if there are any others I should look at.

thanks for the time taken, it is greatly appreciated.