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    Back when I first started using BoxWave screen protectors they sandwiched each protector between two protective layers (one sheet over the top and one sheet over the bottom / the side that sticks to the screen). I found these to be the easiest to install and they were always the highest quality.

    Each protective layer had a tab to remove them and the tab on the layer on the top side of the protector made it easy to position the protector perfectly.

    BoxWave doesn't do this anymore (sandwich their protectors between two protective layers).

    Does anyone know of a company that still does this? Martin Fields, JavoEdge, etc.? Do any of them still do this?
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    The boxwave I ordered about 3 month ago still had two layers.
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    I got some from made by Young Micro about 6 months ago. I just used one about 2 weeks ago. You're right about it being easier to use because of the layers.

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