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    I was debating on whether or not I wanted to try upgrading my 755p to the newer versamail - a client supposedly only for the Centro.

    I was looking at Palm's upgrade page here:

    I noticed something - in the first picture of step 6, it says "Installing Versamail 4.0 files onto your Palm TREO".

    So I'm wondering, is this just leftover text in the installer? Did the guy creating the screenshots run it on a Treo? What does it mean?
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    I've had it running on my Sprint 755p for some time now. There are some quirks with the MS Exchange Active Sync (EAS). If the Calendar app is in use (including via a 3rd-party app such as Agendus or DateBk) when an EAS sync action occurs, you will get an "Assert Failed!" error message. Exiting the Calendar app and forcing a manual sync seems to correct any issues. I've also had some issues with deleting meeting cancelations sent by others. In these cases, the meetings are marked as canceled, but remain on my Calendar (alarms and all).

    I have no way of proving it is a VM-related issue, but since having VM 4.0.1 for the Centro installed, I've had issues of my radio resetting. I'll hit the power button to wake the display and the following will occur:

    1. There will be a long delay (no keyguard)
    2. The "Powering off" splash screen will display for a long time
    3. After a second or so after the "Powering off" splash screen hides, the "Welcome" splash screen appears.
    4. The radio is back on and the device appears to work normally.

    This is not a device crash/reset. It is simply the radio turning off/on. Generally I do not wait for the cycle above to complete. I'll usually pop the back cover, pull the battery, and force a reset. This could be another issue, but since it is radio-related (as is EAS), I cannot rule out VM as a possible cause.

    Other than that, all is well. The cool thing is VM 4.0.1 for the Centro allows me to sync my ENTIRE Calendar from Outlook to the device. I can also use IMAP to access web mail accounts such as Gmail, etc.

    If only VM would store data on the expansion card....
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    I've had it running on my 680 and it is working fine. Go for it. Backup your files, so if you have problems, just run a backup.

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