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    Who here has had a bad experience with Handspring that excludes a faulty devices? I'm talking about mis-handling customers, mis-billing, rude customer support, hidden charges, all the horror stories that wouldn't regularly be associated with a 'top notch' company...

    I'm just wondering because I am going through a bad experience at the moment. I've complained legitimately through the web support form where they promise a response in 24 hours. It is FAR from 24 hours and I haven't heard a squeek.

    You may recognize my rant from such threads as "What's the word on the charging LED"... basically, I want to find out if anyone else has been inconvienenced enough that handspring actually compensated you for your inconvienence.

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    One area in which they fail miserably is delivery. Online orders of computer equipment placed with the usual suspects of catalog PC or Mac resellers can be delivered overnight. In fact, that's basically the industry standard.

    With Handspring, even if you pay the premium for express delivery, it can still take up to four days for your order to be processed and shipped from the warehouse. That's embarassingly poor performance.

    My personal beef? I ordered Visor Phone July 1st and paid for express shipping. My service provider approved my cell service within hours. However, my module won't ship until July 6, to arrive July 9. Eight days for an express online order of available product to get to me? I'd expect that from Apple, maybe, because they have a captive market. But, frankly, Handspring doesn't. And that's something they really need to consider.
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    My only bad experience was that they were gonna charge me $10 for the $13 hat =(

    But other than that, they've been more than great to me.
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    Originally posted by brooklynguide
    One area in which they fail miserably is delivery. Online orders of computer equipment placed with the usual suspects of catalog PC or Mac resellers can be delivered overnight. In fact, that's basically the industry standard.

    Oh yeah! shipping.. that was the main reason for my complaints in the first place...

    Anyone out there get a rude customer service rep? I actually called one time and the person on the line was actually very nice.. makes me not want to call when i'm mad! haha..
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    fortunatly when i ordered my VPL, they had their free shipping offer going, but custumor service has been the best out of any company i have ever dealt with
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    But seriously, what really kills me is that they don't tell you that your order can take four days to ship at all before you pay for your purchase. In fact, they sent me an email saying the order would ship within 48 hours (bad enough), later contradicted by the representative I spoke with. The bottom line is my order, after an angry phone call and email, has now shipped.
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    Well no one post in the Customer Service Forum anymore. That says a lot! I remember when i first came on Visorcentral every 5 minutes there would be a post in the customer service section complaining about something. Things have improved a lot. Of course, no company is perfect. I am sure that Handspring would have shipped out your order within 48 hours if they had the item to ship out right away. And for those complaining about the shipping cost, consider this. Shipping companies charge the same amount for shipping no matter what the cost of the product. The shipping charges is based on weight (and in some cases dimensions)... not value.
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    Yardie, actually I asked. My order wasn't delayed because of a product availability issue. It was available. The people who run the wharehouse (read: this isn't an inhouse set-up) can take up to 4 days to administratively fulfill an order. So Handspring is not off the hook in this area by any means. Handspring can determine performance criteria for the warehousing companies with which it contracts.
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    As Willie Wonka would say, scratch that, reverse it. Yes, HS sent my Visor Phone only (only!) two days after I ordered it. But the warehouse neglected to put my full delivery address on the package. And as a result, although Airborne Express knows the package made it to NYC, they have no idea where it is. I swear, it's like experiencing a real life version of Dumb and Dumber.
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    I have found that CS is not very knowledgeable. As I was told they get e-mail updates before they start their shifts (in UT)and have to go to HS web site for more information. Technical support sucks when answered by call center and not directly by HS.
    I ordered 4 different units so far (VS, VDX, VPL, Edge) and I returned ALL of them for defects. However, HSs excellent and quick replacement policy made me forget about it. [Removed addresses. Do not post email addresses of people]
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    The perfect company in the HS world was GOOD Tech., a great finished product that comes with everything and in a nice, very professional package.
    This does not mean I do not like the HS product, I actually own4 modules and waiting for the next color unit.
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    If it weren't for bad customer support I wouldn't have my Visor. The person I purchased my Visor off of had sent there's in for service and was waiting for a replacement unit. Well she decided it was taking too long (it was) so she purchased another Visor and since she had nothing to do with the refurbished unit that was sent to her she sold it to me for only $100.
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    I've posted this elsewhere, but it took me 3 replacement VDXs to finally get a statement from a supervisor that regardless of what the memo and website say about serial numbers, if you can talk at all on your VDX's microphone, you don't have one of the non-optimized ones.

    The up side is that I got the (now-beat-up) VDX that I bought in 1999 replaced for nothing when I probably wasn't entitled to.

    I agree, the CS reps don't generally know what's going on.
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    I have had many interactions with Handspring customer service with only VERY POSITIVE results. I wish other companies could be so responsive!
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    I frequent PDA fansites and we often use photos, or avatars" with our posts. Are there any non-copyrighted images of the Treo that I can use as my "avatar"?
    Thank you for contacting Handspring.

    Please check our Product Support section located on our Web site at We have added many tips on how to answer your Visor or Springboard Module question. If you do not find your answer, please contact us using the form found on the Web address listed above. Or if you would prefer, you may call our Technical Support line at (716) 871-6448.
    I ask you if there are non-copyrighted images of the Treo I can make personal use of on a public message board, and you give me this? Please send me an answer, heck--I'm trying to promote your company!
    Thank you for contacting Handspring.

    Unfortunately, at this time we have no information available on any pictures of the Treo that are non copyrighted. We suggest possibly going to a search engine like Yahoo, and looking for photos there. We do apologize for not being able to accommodate your request at this time.

    For further assistance please call the Customer Care team at 1-888-565-9393 during the hours of 6am to 6pm PST Monday through Friday, and 9am to 1pm Saturday.
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    Originally posted by dietrichbohn

    haha... very funny

    I also dislike some companies who use automated response services... very slow.
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    I still love my Visor Prism

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