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    Both my wife and I have 650's on Cingular/ATT. I gave up using mine a while ago, but my wife still uses hers.
    I MISS having a smartphone, and would like to go back. But I also very much value GOOD phone performance over anything else.
    Both our 650's have mediocre sound quality vs. other non smart phones that I have. The reception seems fine, its simply the sound quality (on both ends and in any configuration, meaning bluetooth, speaker, regular, etc.)
    So, that being said, do I have *any* decent choices for staying with a treo? I don't mind moving to a centro, nor do i mind moving to a windows mobile.
    I just NEED good quality voice.
    Or, even, is there something i can do to improve the voice quality of the 650's i own?
    I know, its all vague, but trying to come up with ANY solution, whether it be "buy a new Treo ZZZ" or, "man, you're stupid, download YYY update and you'll get better voice performance".

    Thanks for any suggestions/help.

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    My Centro is much better in call quality than my Treo 650 was.
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    I have the 700wx... on sprint... and would not trade it for the world... except maybe a 800w.

    The way people talked about windows mobile OS, I thought it would be murder making the switch, but it was less painless, it was an enjoyable switch. Heck, having a product that works as it should and as described can be nothing but enjoyable.

    My 700wx serves as my only phone.... I have no live phone jack in my house... the 700wx is it... has been my main (and only phone) for a year and performed the duty part-time for six months prior... so for around 18 months, the 700wx has been great.

    I've never used a centro... but I'd never go back to a palm OS. Sorry....
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    Did you ever try a program called vlolume care? It does exactly what you need.

    If your going to keep the 650 then get that.

    If not then the Centro is what the 650/700/755 should have been. Everything just works as it should.

    My wife has a Centro and I have a 700p and a 755p (current) and I am still jelouse how well the Centro does everything better than the Treos. Tomtom/ptunes/blazer etc. Everything just works on the Centro. Oh and the Volume is extremely loud compared to the 650. I would say 3+times louder.
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    Thanks for the replies...
    I do have volumecare, and it does make the thing useable, but it only boosts the sound volume, right? Not the quality...
    I figured I'd try using a bluetooth w/ my 650 last night, and my 9 year old son on the other end said he could barely hear me (lots of static, just overall poor quality)...then i paired the same bluetooth headset w/ my Sony dumbphone, and he said it was perfectly clear.
    So i know that volumecare boosts volume, and *not* for the I need to turn off Volumecare for the BT headset?

    I would like to keep the 650 if possible (purely monetary consideration, as I just bought me a new car, and my wife would not be happy if I started buying toys again so quickly!)

    And I did check that I had the latest firmware, or whatever its called, from Cingular. that seems fine.

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    Yeah volumecare does nothing for bluetooth.

    volumecare didnt do anything for your earpiece/speakerphonemic volume???

    I know my old sprint 650 sounded nice and clear. When I got the 700p it wasnt as loud or clear as my 650 but with volumecare it kinda brought it up to par with whats out there.

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