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    I was wondering what people thought of the new Palm Desktop 6.2 that is out now. I have a few comments that I'd like to share.

    First, for a company that supposedly doesn't like Access, Palm seems to be doing more and more with them. The Palm Centro is powered by Access. Now the new Palm Desktop is from Access. I find this very interesting.

    Second, I'm not a fan of the new way that you can look at your hotsync log. I personally prefer the old way. That may just be because I'm so used to the old way of doing things (maybe I'm getting old)

    Third, I'm DEFINITELY not a fan of the new Install Tool. The Palm Quick Install gave you much more ease of control of where an application or file went (either the devise or the card).

    And forth, I haven't played around with this a whole lot, but if the fact that the new Palm Desktop takes out the color coordinating events is a huge step in the wrong direction.

    I'd be interested to hear what everyone else has to say. Be blessed.
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    Um, that's because Access now owns Garnet, formerly known as Palm OS. Palm just has a perpetual license to that, it doesn't mean they don't have to credit Access for it.

    The new install tool is really just the old one, but not the quick install tool, which came later. The reason for not using the quick install is because it doesn't work on Vista.
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    Actually, I just created a shortcut for the Install Tool and enititled it "Quick Install," so I could review what I was installing easier. So, that really isn't a major issue. And I use Vista BTW.
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    When Palm bought Handspring, they spun off the software side of the business to a new entity, PalmSource (to appease other hardware companies such as Sony). In late 2005 PalmSource was acquired by Access.

    Prior to the Access acquisition, Palm had more ability to modify and update Palm Desktop and Hotsync as there was a more cooperative software licensing agreement with the spin-off. I believe that the extended PIMs and QuickInstall were the work of Palm and not PalmSource and its successor. Prior to QuickInstall there was PInstall.

    Now that Desktop and Hotsync are in Access hands, Palm gets what they deliver, whether it's any good or not.
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    I'm gunna have to try this again... I used Palm Desktop a while back on my Vista Business (32-bit) system with horrible results, so I just uninstalled it. I have been using other systems that still have XP on them to hotsync since then.
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    Palm Desktop 6.2 on Vista is terrible if you want to use it with Chapura Pocket Mirror Pro (i.e., sync Outlook sub-folders). The changes to the file locations really mess up PM. I have installed and uninstalled these things many times and still cannot get PM to work with Desktop 6.2 on Vista. One of the problems is that the palm data is being installed to the Users folder, instead of the old location, Program Files/Palm. I just cannot get PM to work with 6.2 Thank goodness for System Restore.

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