View Poll Results: Will u keep your Treo till the new platform comes out?

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  • yes, no other phone compares to the features that my Treo provides

    21 67.74%
  • NO, i decided to retire my treo and might go back when the new platform comes out in 09

    10 32.26%
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPapaGato View Post
    anyone know if sprint is still enforcing the instinct to be used with only the everything plan?
    yes, Sprint SE plans are still mandatory for the Instinct.... very stupid... I bet Sprint could have sold twice as many Instincts without this senseless restriction, particularly since there is really nothing special about the Instinct (despite what Sprint marketing would have you believe...) its just another iPhone/touchphone wannabe -- Verizon's got 4 of them...
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    I considered the in the Instinct ,there are 2 in my family,but the deal breaker for me is Sprint forces you on their new plan then won't allow a a modem plan on that new plan .What is Sprint thinking.You don't need to answer that one...
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