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    This one has worked throughout the day:

    Many of my stored bookmarks where the URL didn't begin with "http://" stopped working, e.g.:

    Some of these started working (including a different Yahoo mail link) when I prepended "http://", but others such as the above did not.


    E.g., going to my bookmark

    Yields the Blazer error "Browser Error; Unknown Error, URL:


    An attempt to access a local URL such as
    (which corresponds to real file on my SD card) yields a similar error.

    Could this be because Sprint is experimenting with their new proxy technology, or are my bookmarks corrupted or ... ?

    Thanks in advance for any help ...
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    I tried editing some of these bookmarks (change a char in a URL; then re-edit and change it back), and this seems to help in some cases. But in some cases (an invalid URL) I'm getting proxy errors that I've never seen before.
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    that happened to me the other day. I left everything alone and it was fine the next day. go figure.
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    When I tried to use the site that I use all the time, it brought up a download page that says:

    file: undef_
    size: 0.0K
    Save to: device/card
    Do you want to download?

    This just started happening a day or two ago. Lots of the webpages that I use all the time bring up this same download screen. Can anyone help me???

    I erased some files before the webpages stopped working because I was trying to clear out space in the phone. My battery was draining too fast and I thought I had something that was causing that to happen so I got rid of several programs I had just added. One was a food/diet program, and one was Addit. Could I have accidentally erased something that makes Blazer work when I was clearing out these programs?
    Thanks for any help!
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    Dunno ... but I found that I had to edit a lot of my bookmarks, and make sure that they explicitly begin with "http://"

    Also, my local links on my memory card no longer work ... apparently Sprint's new proxy mechanism has the effect of removing the capability of storing pages on your own device.

    And while writing this, I just discovered that accessing a saved page (the ones for which the bookmark is half-highlighted in orange) reproducibly causes my Sprint Centro to reset. This one is bad enough, and a supported feature of Blazer (unlike the local SD card trick mentioned above) that I'll take it up with Palm or Sprint when I get a chance.
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    My local web page on my SD card still works. . . I use it as a my Home page.
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