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    Hopefully I'm in the right forum...I've got a 700wx (Verizon), but my company doesn't have a data plan yet. Is there any way I can get a weather radar on my phone without a data plan? I had it on my old phone through Get It Now, and was hoping there was a similar way I could get it with this one. Thanks,

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    No, because any weather app would need access to the net to update itself.

    So you would need some data. If you don't want a data plan, I think VZW has a per kb use, something like .03cents/kb.
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    I can't figure out this newsgroup... Want to start a new thread! Help me please?

    My Treo 680 wants to sync over and over, and I can't do anything to prevent it from trying again, after I stop it. HELP!??

    Email me at thank you

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