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    I have a Treo 700P, and have the Premium (paid) version of Goosync installed. It is set to autosync with my Google calendar.

    I've noticed that it doesn't always sync automatically as it should. In doing some Google research into the problem, it sounds like it could be due to the Palm's inability to handle background tasks.

    If I switch to the Goosync app, it will begin to sync immediately, if it has been more than the specified interval since its last sync. It seems to then autosync successfully for an hour or so (and I'm thinking it may have more to do with the sleep/wake state of the Treo than the actual time), but will then not sync any more. The next time I go to the Goosync app, it'll start a sync.

    Is this what others are experiencing with their Palm based Treos and Goosync in paid mode?

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    Every time I've tried gooSync is hosed all of my recurring appointments by offsetting them an hour, then later it'd do it again, again....

    Every time I've tried it, it does that. Also, it does not sync any categories which are important to me.

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