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    In the past and current, ATT employees set up the iphone with the media package which cost 20.00. Now the iphone will cost less, about 199, but the iphone will be on the PDA plan, which is 30.00. See,2933,365347,00.html

    I think that now it will be hard to get an ATT employee to give Treo owners the media package for 20.00 since the iphone will no longer be using the plan, and they will no longer feel guilty for charging more to Treo owners.

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    Why don't you switch from postpaid to a prepaid GoPhone account? You can get 1000 messages for $10 with rollover if you renew within 30 days or unlimited for $20 per month. Then you can simply pay for voice minutes as you need them--$1 per day for unlimited calls to AT&T numbers plus 10 cents per min for other calls or 25 cents per minute with no daily charge. I wish more people would tell carriers to "go fly a kite" when it comes to contracts and switch to prepaid. Now if we can just get them to bring their per minute rates down some. MVNO carriers like PagePlus and Virgin Mobile have per minute rates as low as 5 cents per minute but no reasonable data plans for smartphones.
    It was a good sounding suggestion, but GoPhone, PagePlus, and Virgin Mobile would save virtually no money over a $50/month voice contract for 900 minutes. Disappointing, a total rip off, but it's not like I have a lot of options. Oh, well.
    -- Josh
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