Hi folks.
My wife and I have identical 755p Treos. We have had them for 3 months.
Once a day, I beam her appointments - "Patients" into my Treo. I beam the same way every time - from January 01, 2006 to December 31, 2008.
She uses the repeat feature when she assigns an appointment to a patient.
If she makes an appointment for once a week, six weeks in a row, and the patient cancels, say the 3rd appointment, when I beam her schedule, I get all six appointments.
Both Treos are stock as a rock. All we use is the phone, and the Calendar.
Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
My Treo is the "Hot Spare", in case she loses or breaks hers, so ideally, I need them to have the identical information in both.
Lately, a lot of her patients have been cancelling or changing their appointments, so I am reduced to printing out her calendar, and typing them into my Treo.
This weekend, I plan to hard boot (is that what you call it?) both Treos, but before I do, I was hoping someone could give me a shortcut to fix this beaming problem.

Best Regards,