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    It's here... but what does it mean for Palm?
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    Just how is the experience with StyleTap really?

    I have heard of this in Windows mobile/PPC people but i don't seem to hear anyone be a big fan of it, or it be even popular amongst PPC people.
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    Used it on pocketPC and it was hit or miss. Even used it on a Nokia N800 and it was hit or miss too.
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    Speaking for myself, I already wanted to upgrade from the 680 to the G3 Iphone. Now that I know I will be able to fun Palm Apps on the Iphone, this news has finalized my plans to get the 3G Iphone. I'm keeping my Treo, but I will hardly touch it now.
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    i use dopod818 and try styleTap ..
    It can run many Palm software ..but I still like use my treo650 the way , who have use symbian version styletap .
    where can I down load symbian beta version ??
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    i occasionally use styletap on my kaiser. its okay, but functionality is very limited and not everything works on it. but it feels good to have a bit of palm experience on my wm device every now and then.
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    I cant see how StyleTap is going to get around the limitations of the sdk. I think Apple has made it emulators.
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    I am a big fan of it. There are many things that are done better or faster on Palm OS. It doesn't work for all apps, but I am impressed by the compatibility list.

    The two biggest drawbacks to date have been the lack of 5-way support and the screen res on the 700wx. With the 800w or iPhone, the screen res shouldn't be an issue since StyleTap can render full 320x320 or even 320x480.
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