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    Was this discussed in different threads???? Why? I wanted to have a program on my Centro BUT the company told me they dropped Palm because of the lack of Java Support.

    JVM download for Palm OSŪ devices no longer available from Palm
    As of January 12, 2008, Palm no longer has rights to distribute the IBM WebSphere Micro Environment Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to our customers. JVM allows users to install and run Java applications and games on Palm OSŪ devices.

    Palm is not able to offer the JVM download or version upgrades. We will continue to support existing installations of JVM on our website.

    Opera Mini - site
    We have advised Opera support that the Palm OS JVM is no longer available. There is no alternate Java Virtual Machine that we are aware of for Palm OS. We know of no way to run Opera Mini on Palm OS if you do not already possess the JVM. We regret the inconvenience.
    Google Mail - site
    We have advised Google Mobile team that the Palm OS JVM is no longer available. There are good alternatives to the Gmail Java client. Google Mail is supported for both POP and IMAP use in VersaMail ("Mail" or "Email") on Palm products. You can also point your mobile web browser to to get mobile-friendly browser access to your Gmail account. Gmail help.
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    There are a bunch of threads discussing this at TreoCentral, and with links to get Java VM 5.7.2 to name three.

    You can also download JVM 5.7.2 (the latest release) at downloads section.

    JVM works on a Centro along with Opera Mini and other Java apps.

    For example, I am posting this with Opera Mini beta 4.1.10781 on my Sprint Centro.

    The search engine is awonderfull tool....

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    These downloads are probably illegal. But one can legally buy the JVM from pocketgear for about $6, I think.

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