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    Even though I've been more than happy with my 700p I ran into a 755 thats almost new, not refurbished for a great deal! (40 bucks with 2 chargers a batts and everything that it comes with in the box! )

    So Ive swapped devices and I'm just waiting for my card to come in so that I can do the update on it and then install all my apps back on it.

    If it performs just as well as my 700p with the same apps it stays. If not i'll put it up for sale.

    On a side note One thing I didnt notice is that the 755 is actually lot slimmer compared to the 700p.

    Pros and Cons so far:

    1. Louder speaker and handset volumes while on a call.

    1. Bluetooth performance is still the same(feels like I'm eating rice crispies)
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