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    Hi all - advice would be gratefully received.

    I've had a 650 and before that a 600, which I run my life on , but the 650 is now starting to get a bit long in the tooth so needs replacing. I'm in the UK and Orange no longer stock Treos, so I'll buy the handset myself, but I've no idea which one to get and what the difference is between the various ones. But I do definitely want a Palm OS - none of this Windows stuff for me!

    So, of the current Palm O/S Treos :

    - which is the best spec?
    - do any have a later version of Bluetooth than my T650?
    - are any of the later versions compatible with my T650 chargers, docking station, sync cable, etc?
    - Do any of them have 3G? (A long-shot, I know!)

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
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    Only options really are the Centro or 755p.

    Just a matter of which form factor you like better.
    Do you want a larger screen and keyboard and longer battery life? If so get the 755p.

    If you want a smaller device, cheaper, and newer included software get the Centro.
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    He's in UK, so its only the centro and 680, and of course no 3G.

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    Centro it is.

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