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    My trusty Sprint 700P just died on me, and luckily enough, my Sprint contract is also up. I am looking at the 755P since I really haven't seen a phone that has as much functionality as the Treo.
    My must haves:
    1) PPTP VPN (Mergic) to log into my home server and corp network.
    2) VNC and Remote Desktop (I use this in tandem with VPN) Comes in super handy when I have to reboot a server from the train.
    3) Streaming Windows media. I listen to XM radio like a crackhead, using
    4) SlingPlayer
    5) Exchange Activesync - actually never got that working 100% on my 700P. Had the error a lot of people had that kept prompting me to sync. I just had to manually sync. Hoping the 755P will work correctly.

    Thought about the Centro too, but not sure I am OK with the smaller screen and lower batt life.
    iPhone was a posability too, but don't like at&t pricing and Exchange Activesync tools aren't released yet. No 3g yet (I know coming soon) and didn't like the keyboard as well.

    There is other stuff I do, but those are the deal breakers. Do I go with a 755P? Any suggestions?

    Thanks all

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    The Treo 755p and Centro are both good phones. You just need to figure out which matters more to you (keyboard/screen size or newer included software).

    Personally I like the 755p a bit better due to the speakerphone, keyboard size, screen size and form factor.
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    Yea...I am totally leaning towards the 755p, but I just got back from the Sprint store, and they told me Sprint is discontinuing it. She didn't have any in stock, and she said they are basicly just selling out what stock they have. I told her it's still on the web site, and she said yep...only the stores know about it. I tried the Centro. Really didn't like the keyboard. Screen also was also way too small for me. Also, with the amount I listen to streaming XM and Slingbox, the batt will also be an issue. I already have an extended in my 700P

    Not sure what to do now. Don't like the fact i'm buying a phone thats on it's way out...damn...

    thx for the reply

    Anyone else have any suggestions?
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    Not really sure what difference it would make if Sprint supports it down the line or not.

    1 - No new OS is gonna come out that will be portable to the 755p or Centro
    2 - So far software updates on the Centro are portable to the 755p (most of the Palm apps are updated ridiculously slow anyways)

    The website just re-stocked the 755p after having a shortage, so I'm not really sure about all that.
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