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    I'd have to add one item to JohnLar's list...reliable BT function.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    What "modern features" specifically? (SNIP) You're being vague and touchy feely about all this.
    Oh come KNOW. Modern copy and paste! You know, stuff that EVERY modern PDA phone in 2008 should have! Sheesh!

    You're just not KEWL enough to get it, Sivan,
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArgonNJ View Post
    More then $700?? Maybe if you're a professional photographer. Otherwise cameras in the $200-300 range are just fine. Any casual photog who spend more then $700 for a camera is either stupid or has lots of money to **** away.
    I'm far from a pro, even far from an amateur. I'm just a starter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by papped View Post
    1 - Crappy usb/serial cable. Any other device using USB 2.0 is insanely faster and can natively be used as a mounted drive.
    2 - No BT 2.0, this is pretty basic also
    This will be really cool. Technically, this is not a problem for them. They haven't done it, I guess for two reasons. 1. Their initial palm OS design is non-scalable, and the device access part is tightly mixed with the core of the OS. This bad design makes changing to a new hardware access protocol practically equals to developing a new OS. 2. They are falling down. They don't catch the fact that USB 2.0 is simply becoming the winning de fact standard interface for all personal computer peripherals. Or they are simply struggling with their survival, but the survival without doing these are short-visioned and not life-saving.
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