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    Hi. which is the best overall carrier for service (getting a good solid signal, with the least dropped calls) in the Northeast, and also nationwide. I'm frustrated that Verizon is always last to market with all palm phones. tnx.
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    Varies from area to area usually, so it's kinda hard to answer.

    Also your post is a little confusing because you want the criteria based on signal strength, but then comment that Verizon may not be the ideal option because of phone release dates. Are available phones a factor too then?
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    The current issue of laptop magazine compared all the carriers. Seems like nationally (well actually internationally), AT&T wins with Verizon 2nd followed by sprint and t-mobile. I use Sprint in NY/LI and have been thrilled with the service. But I always wonder what it would be like if I leave this area.
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