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    Hi. I have accounts with Yahoo, and Hotmail, but I don't pay for any of their "premium" services. Therefore, can I get the POP3 "push" email, or is the only way to get it to go to their website using my 650's browser?

    Please. Tnx.

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    The Sprint email program is easy to set up and works pretty well with my Yahoo account. You can set it to push or check mail periodically. It is different than "Email", which is Versamail.
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    You can also setup a mail2web live account for free, have all your other email auto-forwarded to your mail2web live account.

    This gives you EAS on all those other accounts basically.
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    You can't forward or pop on Yahoo's free account. I'm sure you can't do it with Hotmail either.
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    You can't with hotmail, but that's not surprising because they use a wacky, closed protocol anyways that is basically supported by nothing.

    Yahoo I don't know.

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