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    Which one? Need good volume, bluetooth ... everything else is the same? Battery life longer on one or the other?

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    For me it would be the 755 for the bigger keyboard and screen.
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    Tnx ... which one has more battery life?
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    755, hands down - for battery life too.
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    I have the Centro and the keyboard is the only drawback.. Just too small!!
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    Centro has better speaker. twice as loud without volumecare
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    Quote Originally Posted by OLD_HATCH View Post
    Centro has better speaker. twice as loud without volumecare

    Treo 755 (keyboard superb)
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    It only took me a few days with my Centro to get used to the smaller keyboard. I don't notice it now. Type just as fast as I did on my 755. Plus, the form factor is as small as most flip phones. Battery life seems to be better with the Centro as well. Although I didn't have problems with the sound quality on my 755, I think it's better with the Centro. I know my BT is better on the Centro.
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    I like the 755p better.

    Larger keyboard (my hands are too big), larger screen, I like the form factor better. Also the speakerphone quality is better on the 755p. Included software suite is older though, that's one of the main downsides. You can upgrade it all yourself if you feel like paying for it though.

    I find the 755p dpad to work much better than the Centro dpad also, particularly in the down direction.
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    Price was a factor for sure, but it was a few small things that added up in the Centro's favor. The screen is smaller but sharper and appears brighter. Palm also got rid of the two pixel white border around the screen with the Centro. As previously noted, the software bundle is newer too. I like the Centro's keyboard for the rubbery tactile response. My thumbs had a tendency to slip off the 755's keys. I do agree about the 755's d-pad being better though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    The 755 feels like a brick. The Centro is a slick, light phone. The Centro keyboard is smaller, but the construction of each key makes it very easy to find the right one--no problems with size for me.

    There is no contest AT ALL --The Centro saved the whole Treo line for me. Otherwise, I would have moved away from Treo's large brick phones long ago.
    I was ready to move to BB curve, but the centro is intriging. I have VZW so who know when the centro will be available, but now the curve has been released not sure what to do.

    I have a 700p, and I use email and attachments alot. spend alot of time on the road and it keeps me from spending hours at home everynight doing email.

    just trying figure out my next move. any other opinions whould be appreciated
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    sorry for spelling
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    The Centro is basically a 700p in a smaller form. If you like what the 700p does (and I do), you'll like the Centro--which is also much more portable.

    While on business, it is fine to carry your phone in a holster. When you are going out after work, for instance, I needed another phone to carry in my pocket. The Centro now allows me to use it for both business and pleasure.
    thanks ZELGO. I take mine everyplace, as business calls, and just hated having 2 phones. So the centro is great for constant business use?
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    I use mine hours at a time with HanDBase, Documents to Go and similar applications. I have the extended battery and it does exceedingly well. Ben
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    Sprint just offered me an upgrade deal to get a new phone without having to extend my contract which will end in Nov. The deal is $150 off a new phone, and the Centro includes a $50 mail in rebate which would bring the cost to $99.

    I thought I read somewhere the 755p had more memory (heap?) than the Centro. If so does this really make a difference. My 650 is loaded down with programs, even with PowerRun, and crashes periodically.

    I thought the 755 had some stability problems, were they worked out?

    Two co-workers got Centro's and I was able to spend some time with one today. The keyboard is fine, screen is still usable, but I'm concerned about battery life. The 650 is constantly fighting to keep a signal in the building where I work, with severe battery drain.

    What built in software advantages will the Centro have?

    Last question, what is the drill to change to the new phone? Just sync w/Palm desktop? I'll have to use a memory card reader to transfer all the stuff onto a new memory card.


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    Usually to get the rebates you have to extend your contract at the time of the phone purchase, unless the Centro one is different for some reason.

    I haven't seen any instability problems unique to the 755p vs the Centro. They basically seem the same. If you are really concerned about battery life and don't mind the extra size, the 755p + 3200 Seidio battery makes a pretty good combo.
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    The phone rep said I wouldn't need to extend my contract, which sounded odd to me too. I plan on calling them back and asking what kind of deal they'll give me on the 755p.
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    I called them back to inquire about the 755p which would have been $300 before a $50 mail in rebate. So, I ordered the Centro for $149.00 before a $50 mail in rebate and they gave me $20 credit on my bill as well.

    The deal included extending my contract for 2 years starting today.

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