Hi -- I don't know if anybody cares about this, but I think it's kind of cool, albeit extremely hackish:

Works with AT&T Centro that is already on a MEdia Net Unlimited (shhh, don't tell anyone) or PDA Personal data plan (you really do want unlimited for what we'll be doing)

- Buy Samsung A737 phone -- $29.99 after rebate w/ a 2-year contract (new or extension)
- Get new 3G SIM
- If you don't know if your existing SIM is 3G (it might be printed on it), just go ahead and activate the new SIM in A737. Otherwise your old one should just work when you pop it into the A737. Test it by trying CV (Cingular Video) or something similarly fun. Make sure data is working.
- On Palm, in Bluetooth settings, make A737 a trusted device
- On A737, in Bluetooth settings, authorize your Palm

- On Palm, Preferences -> Connection, create a New Connection called Samsung
- Settings: Connect to: Modem, Via: Bluetooth, Device: (find your device and select it) A737. Leave other settings alone (Dialing, Volume)

- On Palm, Preferences -> Network, under Service menu, select Modify and then Yes to create a copy of the MEdia Net or Personal PDA network settings. Rename it something like 3G
- Settings: Connection: Samsung, Phone: *99#. Leave other settings alone (User Name, Password)
- Tap on Modify button, then click on Details... button, and set MEdia Net as the Fallback.

- Go back to the MEdia Net or Personal PDA Service, click on Modify and Yes to again to create another copy of those settings. This time leave the name as MEdia Net Copy. Click on the Modify button, then Details... and set 3G as the Fallback.

- Finally, set your Network Service to 3G.

Ok, now try e-mail. Doesn't it seem a little... faster? How about GoogleMaps. Weird how it seems to zip along, isn't it? Unfortunately, the Web browser will *not* use your 3G connection, as it insists that if there's not a phone signal, there is no network. Annoying, and I wish I could find a workaround.

But here's the coolest thing (assuming you have a Slingbox as well as SlingPlayer Mobile) -- instead of choppy, totally unwatchable video when you try and use SlingPlayer over EDGE, SlingPlayer over 3G on the Samsung A737 is *TOTALLY SMOOTH*. It rocks so hard.

The A737 will heat up like a mofo as its little 3G radio pulls in the data and relays it over Bluetooth to your Centro. But it's totally watchable. And the A737 is nice and compact, and actually makes a great little phone. God help you though if you load Opera on it and actually try to surf the web. You'll be *wishing* the Web browser on the Treo worked through the connection at that point.

Switching SIMs between these two devices sucks, and involves battery removals in one if not both phones. But it's still a great hack that only costs $30. Also, some of the CV content doesn't suck (Daily Show! Letterman!) if you don't have anything good to watch on your own Slingbox. :-}