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    I've had a Treo650 for 2.5 years but never bothered setting up email. I've used EasySync (we use Lotus Notes) to sync my contacts and calendar, using Agendus as my organizer. It's worked great.

    I recently got a Sprint Centro and would like to try email again. My main question is about the "architecture" of the email in the Treo. For example, I like the fact that Agendus just uses the underlying PalmOS databases for contacts and schedule. Do each of the email apps store the emails in their own proprietary format, or is there an underlying "email database" and some apps are just front-ends the way agendus is for contacts/calendar?

    I cannot get my Lotus EasySync to to sync email at all (it syncs contacts/calendar, but gives an error that it doesn't own the mail conduit), nor can I get Agendus mail to Sync. I think if I understood if email was proprietary format or shared amongst apps.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    use chatter email. it uses the palm database. it is the best program. Snapper also uses the palm database. I tried both and choose chatter. you can do trials for both.
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