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    I'm a LONG time Palm user. Happy with my 650 since it combines the best of all, and Palm had a vision that no one else had ... then ... that vision got cataracts. My 650 is aging .. having some hardware issues. NO problem ... I'll just buy the latest Palm ... oops ... it hasn't really been updated since the 600 came out.
    My FAVORITE and most important function is that when I label contacts or calendar items as Private, they don't sync with Outlook on my server at work (when I use Chapura).
    Does anyone know if the latest Palm OS, and/or 755p/700p will still be supported by Chapura? ... does Palm's own PIM suffice? Are private items still REALLY private? Marking something as Private on the Windows version still transfers it to the server.
    What's left for a Palm user who LOVES the OS, feels when Palm finally releases something else, it will already be a dinosaur.
    ALSO .. I have Verizon, which has the BEST coverage .. BUT ... seems to never get the Palm releases first, so by the time the Dinosaur gets to Verizon, it's extinct.
    What other phones can keep my Outlook sync's private, edit docs (Word/Excel) and use Avantgo???? Any ideas ..? I'm frustrated, & can't understand how Palm can continue to self destruct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sibr View Post
    I'm a LONG time Palm user. Happy with my 650 since it combines the best of all, and Palm had a vision that no one else had ... then ... that vision got cataracts.
    That had me laughing....

    I'm the wrong person to tell you to stay with the palm os... I jumped ship to windows (700 wx) and love every minute of it!

    I doubt if I'll every use a mobile os that is not Windows.

    I thought your post was funny... much better than the normal.... lol
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    I consider my Centro to be a big upgrade from my Treo 650. Part of that, though, is the faster internet on Sprint. I was on AT&T with my Treo.
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    i use Key Suite (Chapura) on my 700p with no problems. It works on Centro too. PALM is old and has vision problems but it is still the best platform out there IMO
    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)
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    Had unreliable experiences with both my 700wx and Mogul. 755p is working far better than both. The only reason I would leave Palm OS for WM is if all the developers continue to jump ship (without returning) and the 3rd party apps start to cease. Or perhaps if Palm is too slow to move to VGA screens fairly soon like HTC. That would take about a year anyways...
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    I just moved from the 600 to the Centro, and yes it is totally supported by Chapura PocketMirror. I am using PocketMirror Professional and it works just like it always has.
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    i dont see any reason to stay with palm, not the os, nor its products.

    wm being the other option to stay with palm, the treo 750 is the best they offer. and its simply primitive when compared to othet wm gadgets out in the market.

    i moved on, but will keep an eye on palm. maybe back in 2 yrs, who knows?
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    I would suggest, if you wish to stay with Palm and the fonts are troubling, the Centro would NOT be your choice. It has the smallest screen of any "Treo".
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    I got a question for theog. is it as easy to key in the appointments in the calendar for 700wx as in the 650. also can the font be made larger. thanks
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    The reason I keep coming back to Palm Treo is the keyboard. I have an HTC Kaiser that does everything, including make coffee in the morning and giving me a hug before going to sleep at night, but as I said, the Treo keeps pulling me back. First the 650, now the 750. No Wifi, no GPS, no VGA -- I still prefer it to all the other phones.

    Recently tried a Samsung I780. Sleek. Awesome specs. Wifi, Gps, BT, 3G, 320x320, light, slim. Has a keyboard and a touchscreen. Makes coffee, gives you a night hug AND gives you a bl*wjob too --- it does it ALL. But its keyboard pales in comparison to that of the Treo 750. So bye bye Samsung.
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    Blackberry Curve and the Motorolla q9c/m/whatever seem to have pretty decent keyboards in comparison. Of course they have their other drawbacks also...

    But it's getting to the point where 3rd party developer support > keyboard hardware. If developers keep jumping ship and don't come back, I could end up caring less if Palm has the best keyboards or not.
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    It's hard to give any compelling reason to stay as of now. The OS is very stale and old. The hardware is marginally better than your 650, if anything the 3G support of CDMA versions can be considered quite an upgrade (but that's about it).

    There is a plethora of devices out there that are giving you much more than you could ever expect. HTC has several devices, Samsung does too. There's rumblings on the upcoming 3G flavor of the iPhone plus Sony is making quite an Xquisite platform called Xperia (yeah, that pun was totally intended).

    On the apps side, both bussiness and consumer app developers have just abandoned support for Palm and moven on to WM. There are quite a few good developers out tere still keeping faithful to the PalmOS (I am looking at you Rob @ Hobbyist Software) but then again, many more are now working on WM and very soon on iPhone apps.

    And I cannot believe the above posters, they ditch their devices just because the keyboard is not as good as the Treo... heck, nispen is willing to trade a fellatious device for the Treo! There's something wrong in that picture I tell you...
    Ode to the Treo Pro: you had to look so good, you had to be HTC in disguise...
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    The OS being stale and old is determined by the 3rd party development though.

    I could basically say the iPhone OS was stale prior to the SDK release, considering how locked down it was.

    Between apps like SkinUI and all the awesome launchers and other apps that can make the Palm OS do some pretty cool things, it's the fact that these developers are stopping development that worries me. The Palm OS could not change for 2 years, but if 3rd party kept going, they would find a way to keep it new.

    They aren't though, which is really the #1 problem with Palm above anything else people don't like about their OS.
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    I personally prefered Blackberry service. Is that tabboo to say here???
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    Not really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nispen View Post
    AND gives you a bl*wjob too
    Uh, I think I would have kept the Samsung.
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    Sorry to be late to the party, but I have other reasons for sticking with Palm. They have little to do with anything Palm has done right lately.

    1) iPhone 1.0 doesn't do what I need
    2) RIM doesn't do enough of what I want
    3) Microsoft just wants to extend the desktop
    4) Linux devices want to *replace* the desktop

    Thanks to Chapura and DataViz, if I am only carrying one gizmo, Palm is still the best choice for me. And I keep the thousand cool little apps for awhile longer!

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    I'm pretty excited about Palm actually. They are selling lots of Centros to first time customers, who are so far happy with a device that works. This is a fresh start for Palm with a lot of new customers with none of the baggage of the the old Treos. I personally have no problem with Palm OS. Objectively, there are no other device and OS combos which are as capable and easy to use.
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    The Centro is doing very well, but it did not capture a lot of the business market that the Treos did (whether people feel that it is capable or not is not the issue).

    So likely there will be no power-user/business user offering by palm until mid 2009 at the earliest, which leaves them likely to leave Palm entirely.
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    i dont see any reason to stay with palm, not the os, nor its products.
    I've been with palm since the beginning too. As soon as the new HTCs hit our carriers, or the 3G iphone come to fruition, I'm out. I am sick of poor bluetooth, resets, no good 3rd party development anymore. Palm used to be the trendsetter when it came to smartphones. Now, after carrying a blackberry for work and owning an iPod Touch, I am ready for something new. I am a power user, but my most needed function is tethering. So, maybe I'll be back, but my days are numbered too.
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