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    A totally unreasonable question. which treo should I get. Have been looking at the 680 on ebay but other forum members may have a better idea.

    speakerphone & signal reception must be good
    a nice screen and easy keys
    able to connect up a gps system
    play music a bonus

    low priorty is web browsing, e-mail, camera, documents etc etc

    Suggestions welcome
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    680 will do all that. 755p is also nice.
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    If a warranty has the potential of being an issue, I would suggest a new device instead of a used device.
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    I'm a fan of the 755p.
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    Also a fan of the 755P. Words of wisdom, do not buy your device off of ebay. Spend the extra green for a new one.
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    I prefer the 755p. Larger screen, speakerphone is better quality, dpad is better.

    It is decently more expensive though and the Centro fits better in your pocket.
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    I've had a 600, a 680, and now a Centro. I love the Centro. It can do just as much as my 680 could and is smaller and more compact. The camera is also much better than the 680's
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    I'm still not a fan of the camera tbh. I know it's a phone camera and only 1.3megapixel, but it takes colorless photos and anything up close is very blurry.

    I usually end up editing anything I take in photoshop fairly heavily.
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