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    hey aaa.... my treo 600 seems to only want to work when it sees fit, it shuts it self off and if i do get it back on its like i did a hard reset(but i didnt), sometimes i can do a warm reset, but most of the time it only turns back on when it wants to, and when it is on it'll freeze inside of 5min. And its not like i had alot of files on the phone when this started(cuase theres none now) just afew programs and about 30 pics, but now its being a retard I CANT EVEN HOT SYNC!! lol anybody have any help??? and it keeps turning on while i have it apart looking for problems.


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    gET ah kNeW PHoNNe
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    ya, obviously not a ****ing option, thanks ****tard
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    don't know why I'm bothering to help you after such a rude response but here goes...

    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the 600 have a built-in battery? I'm not sure as I only started with palms at the 700 so I never used a 600. also, doesn't the 600 NOT use NVFS? if I am correct on these two points it sounds like your battery could be shot. and if your battery is bad the lack of an NVFS system would cause all your data to be wiped which would simulate a hard reset.
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    I agree that it sounds like a bad battery is behind the issues. How old is this phone? Has the battery ever been replaced in it?

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