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    I searched but cannot get the final status about java and Palm Treos (700P, 755p AND Centro):

    1) Can Opera Mini 4.1 and GMail run well without having to use stylus? I.e., all the buttons and navigator work fine?

    2) Stable enough or still crash often?

    3) Can copy and paste?

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    The stylus is still handy to have and it is still not that stable. Word is that Alex Pruss is working on Java.

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    My experience:

    Gmail... Great... no need for stylus other than for scrolling, no crashes ever.
    Opera... Desipte the hoopla, I get resets... resulting in immediate deletion. Then the whole cycle starts over again... Also, I think Opera (unlike Blazer) uses a custom proxy, which (to me) is less than ideal.

    The above makes me conclude that the JVM on Treo is actually great. It merely gets blamed for any resets caused by other applications.
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    I still use opera mini 3. I've found 4 is unstable on my 700p. as far as java, mini 3, tv2nite, hourlyxcast and rotten tomatoe meter run great. a lot of the stability issues deal with the jvm settings in the prefs too.
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    Thank you all. I finally got a Treo 700P and installed JVM5.7.2. OM4.1 is not stable but 3.1 has been very good so far. I still cannot figure out how to press the gmail menu without stylus.
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    what about putting JVM in the custom room. does it is safe??
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    Why would you want to make something permanent that is not stable? Ben
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    Today Operamini stopped working. I noticed that my Verizon data connection is very spotty since this morning and Operamini simply cannot handle such situation. It just freezes.

    For gmail, the soft buttons do not work. I.e, useless.

    A general problem with java is: Treo cannot run multiple java apps by suspending an app in background. Ouch, even my $25 Boost phone can do that. Each and every time I swtich, say, from gmail to OM, gmail has to be fully closed. When I finished with OM and go back to gmail, I cannot return to where I left and have to start all over again. Vice versa.

    In comparison, my Moto Q runs the same IBM J9 and handles Gmail and OM concurrently without any problem. Neither gmail nor OM ever crashed.

    For the last 2 or 3 days, I have been constantly pull out the stylus, open the battery cover and push into the hole to reboot this damn frozen thing.

    Now I can safely say: Treo is useless. The W version should do java as well as Q, but it is not one-hand.

    It took only three years for Palm to kill a great product like Treo since they bought Handspring. For three years, Palm still has not been able to make a usable web browser and email client, nor stable java support. Amazing.

    Farewell, Treo!
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    Stable web browser? I have no problem with Blazer and why should they be concerned with Java support - shouldn't those writing the Java environment try to be more stable on the Palm platform? Amazing how we passs the blame around.

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    Blazer works great with an EVDO internet connection and plenty of cache (like on my Centro). No need for Opera Mini anymore.
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    I wonder if you guys ever used OperaMini on a good platform such as Windows Mobile Smartphone (no the 700w/wx sucks) like Moto Q? Once you have, there is no way to live with Blazer's slowness and compatibility issues with some sites. Yes, I'm using Verizon EVDO.
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    I live with it because when one looks at the pros and cons, there is a clear choice for each individual. One-handed operation is my thing and that is why I look, play and stay with the Treo series. Ben
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    Treo used to be the only on hand device, that's why I had 650. Failed to find a usable browser, I switched to WM SP which is 100% one hand (Treo is not, there are times you still need to pull out the stylus). Don't confuse WM SP with the crappy WM Pro that's used in Treo 700w/wx. Even the built-in browser of WM SP is much faster and better than Blazer. With the latest OM4.1 running on WM SP, there is no competition.

    I was hoping that after all these years Palm had made some progress, especially on java and OM. Boy, I'm deeply disappointed. It's much more expensive, but not nearly as usable as my Moto Q, as a window to information.

    After struggling for a week for a usable browser and failed, my Treo 700 is on sale:

    What a beautiful piece of junk.
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    For those who are interested, here I uploaded a video showing how seamlessly the Moto Q does OperaMini and Gmail back and forth, without having to close one to open the other. Note that the Q is set to run at 104MHz (normally 312MHz). The Internet was very busy at the moment. This is so far the best one-hand and java experience, no crash, no freeze, pages open fast and look decent.

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    The problem of course is that it is a Motorola Q, no touch screen but a thumb-wheel instead, lousy battery life and a few other issues. No phone is perfect and that definitely includes the Q.

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    Nothing's perfect, but the Q is certainly far more closer to that than any Palm.
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    Could be for your use, not mine. Enjoy it. Ben

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