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    Just saw this over at; these are two Palm Anaylst's who have posted dismay news on Palm's future. What a great company Palm was; Now they struggle to get new phones out on the market. Weren't we supposed to get the 800W before xmas and look where we are at. I hope the design change is radial when released; we already know the specs but no real picture.

    Tech Trader Daily points out two especially pessimistic and negative research notes on Palm today. Needham's Charlie Wolf, who has covered the company for a long time, remarks that Palm has "lost its way." He goes on to say "it's an open question whether they'll be successful" in reference to the new operating system.
    Nomura's Andrew Beswick is even gloomier, writing today that "all the signs are there that Palm may not be long for this world." He says Palm does not offer enough devices or distinguishable variants, and asserts that the features of its phones are not upgraded fast enough.
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    Palm is a major company... I'm sure the answer to their struggles isn't summed up by simply releasing an 800W as quickly as possible. It costs money to develop new products; and only for the technical savvy? I'm sure they have to adjust the product output rate based on demand from a large population and different demographics.
    I'll leave their management issues up to Ed Colligan... He gets the big bucks to do it, not me. But that's just my opinion.
    If I were to put speculate on what the issue is... The economy. Palm's products aren't really for the lower-middle and lower classes. When more people start falling into those classes (i.e. in times of economic turmoil) then respectfully you'd notice a decline in sales.
    I'm sure they're doin' what they can up there in the offices.
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