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    Sometime last week I was home watching the View, which is the show with Barbara Walters, Whoopi, etc. Barbara commented to one of the other ladies about her having her cell phone in her lap. The lady responded that she is "addicted to her Blackberry" as she is constantly checking her messages. Barbara then commented that she left her Blackberry in her backstage room. She then asked the other two members if they had Blackberries and they both responded, "No, we have Treos." So 50% of the cast member's had Treos - I felt proud to be a Treo owner at that point!!!!
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    Who cares what devices that group of yentas use. Even worse, you mentioned the word proud.
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    No doubt the Treo women will be rolling with iPhones by next year. Speaking of Barb, see youtube "Totie buys a leg" Funny!
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    Yentas??? Simma dowwnnn noowwwww As for proud, yes I'm proud of my kids, my wife, my car, and my Treo
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    I think yetis would be better than yentas.

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