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    I have bought a locked 680 off eBay. I would like to unlock it.

    I see two major sellers on eBay offering their services to unlock the phone. One ($13) will ask me to send them the number off the back of the phone and they will send me the code. The other ($10) asks me to download and install a program, then send them the number generated, and then they send me the code.

    Are there any pros or cons to either of these options?
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    use the IMEI (sending to the seller) method.

    It takes a bit longer but you do not have to chance a bad server connection while unlocking

    Plus, the code option is painless
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    I've done both.
    I did the IMEI way with my Centro, and did the program way with my old Treo 650.
    If you NEED IT NOW and don't want to wait a day, do the program.

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