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    Give suggestions on what features you want new Treo phone to have. Palm reads this site.

    I will start off. My suggestions are:
    #1 First keep all mutimedia applications the 700p has now like TV when on sprint network.
    #2 Get big screen like Palm-TX with a 320 x 480 screen with a small pull out keyboard.
    #3 A Unlockd model.
    #4 Wifi.

    I will stop there and let other members take over...
    I've called Palm. You can too to tell engineers what we demand!
    What other suggestions?..
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    1: WiFi
    2: My name as an easter egg
    3: "Official" ROM creating tool
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    I would say
    make the phone app like the GSM Centro's.
    don't put Sprint's Email program on there, just put Versa Mail on it
    more colors like how they did the centro but release them all at the same damn time.
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    1. No later than <strike>January</strike> July.
    2. All features actually working out of the box, ahem, BT
    3. Better than a 1 in 5 chance of being able to be updated, if required.
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    How about full-featured Desktop software that actually works with Vista?
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    How about more colors, more ram, better msn features (pocket msn sucks), bigger screen
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    and the biggest more storage space I want 20 gigs
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    1) WiFi
    2) GPS + starter mapping application
    3) Compatibility with POS5 Applications
    4) Square Screen
    5) Same Treo form-factor, NO "slider" or "flip" crap
    6) 3G
    7) Included BT Stereo Headset
    8) 2 GB onboard memory
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    GreenHex, I more than agree with your list. Ben
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    I'm with Greenhex as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    1) WiFi
    2) GPS + starter mapping application
    3) Compatibility with POS5 Applications
    4) Square Screen
    5) Same Treo form-factor, NO "slider" or "flip" crap
    6) 3G
    7) Included BT Stereo Headset
    8) 2 GB onboard memory
    For Hardware, I want the following:

    9) USB connector
    10) 3.5mm connector
    11) Better camera (2MP or above)
    12) Longer battery life (especially using 3G) - Would like to see the battery compartment like the Samsung BlackJack.

    For Software, I want the following:

    1) Better email client
    2) The color scheme can also handle the phone application
    3) The quick launch manager will include the application in external memory card
    4) Include File Manager (able to access files in internal & external memory
    5) Able to read the External memory from Computer
    6) Better sync software (similar to activesync)
    7) Able to sync memo (notes) and task OTA
    8) Better browser
    9) Add the "Add or Remove application"
    10) Build-in multi language capable (at least able to read all languages)
    11) Improve the keypad (like KeyCap) and auto detect of numeric or alphabetic in all applications like the phone application
    12) WM style quick dial instead of going to contact
    13) Include IM client
    14) Include Backup sotware
    15) Improve the Calendar application
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    Haha, i assumed you guys meant next palm 800p with the old palm OS. Myself, i don't want to see them come out with anything else with that on it. The centro should be it.

    If you're talking about the new palm OS, then i'm thinking it will be iphone like. A traditional treo form factor will have to compete with its 800w. It's just redundant. I think a new palm OS will be aimed at consumers, not business.

    So basically i want an iphone (not crippled as it is now) that marries the treo functions we know and love.

    1. Wide screen high resolution with on screen keyboard.
    2. Wifi (they'll include this or take a beating)
    3. rev. a speed or whatever standard will be then
    4. compatibility with palm apps as well as new ones. This is huge. Slingbox, new music app, video, games, etc.
    5. browser & full email
    6. navigater button at bottom or least a scroll wheel on side to cut down on the finger dragging
    7. gps
    8. storage
    9. sync software
    10. Something palm unique
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    I'm with Greenhex.

    definitely not a slider or onscreen keyboard.
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    Can you please bring back a graffiti screen! the thumb board is uncomfortable and slow for monkey handed men. Not to mention I'm sick of being looked at like I'm text messaging in a meeting. And no, graffitianywhere.prc is not the same. other than that the machine is perfect, dont make it any smaller. I kinda sets it apart as a man phone as apposed to the tiny teeny booper bedazzeled phones that are floating around
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    1) WiFi
    2) GPS + starter mapping application
    3) Compatibility with POS5 Applications
    4) Square Screen
    5) Same Treo form-factor, NO "slider" or "flip" crap
    6) 3G
    7) Included BT Stereo Headset
    8) 2 GB onboard memory
    I'm almost with you, except for the form factor.
    I think they pretty much got it right with the Treo 270/300, aside from the flimsy wire to the speaker in the flipcover, and the external antenna.

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    The form factor has to's what sets the Treo apart and above the rest. No other PDA is as easy to use one-handed.

    The physical keyboard needs to stay...none of that on screen, you're-screwed-when-it-fails-because-there's-no-backup crap.

    It should have both GPS and WiFi, along with plenty of memory.

    A bigger screen would be nice, but if it comes at the expense of a bigger device or a smaller keyboard, or even a loss of the form factor, it's not necessary. The device is the perfect size, although it could be a bit thinner and could lose the antenna (on my 700wx anyway).

    Also, how about offering it in black for every network, and not just Verizon?

    Working BT is a must, so I don't have to figure out why everybody else is complaining when my BT works just fine.

    Multi-tasking on the PalmOS would be nice, but as long as there is a Windows version, I'm happy.
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    Here a two more features a must.
    -Added to lead post-

    #5: Have a jack for direct media / Video & Audio input to device.
    #6: Give 800p/w real computer attachment capabilities.

    Note: A "man" version good. (We already got Centro) Big screen. Palm TX size at least! Come up with a keyboard on back or something! No flip that will wear out.
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    It set the treo apart years ago. That's come and past. People want widescreen. They want a real browser. The traditional treo exists in the form of the 800w. I think they need to hit the masses with this not business users.

    If they introduce another traditional treo/centro looking device with simply a new OS, it will elicit a big yawn from me. May as well get a 800w then if that's what you want or stick with the centro.
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    Are you thinking the Palm/Linux OS or another FrankenGarnet offering?
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