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    I'm currently deployed to Iraq, but when I get home I plan on switching over to T-Mobile. I have Sprint, but they have THE worst customer service. It took my wife 6 months to get Sprint to suspend my account on behalf of my deployment and the orders. Little do they know I'm cuttin' sling load on em when I get back and going over to T-mobile with my wife.

    So that brings me to this question... What should I get? I don't even know what they're offering these days. I used to have a 700p, and wouldn't mind going back to it because I liked it, but if there's new stuff out I'd much rather go for that. I'd prefer to stay with Palm, but hell, I've been away from it all so long I don't even care at this point lol

    What are the options? I believe in unlocking, so I dont just go by what they're website has listed lol
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    I use an unlocked Treo 680 on Tmobile.
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    These guys now unlocks GSM Centro as well.

    I have not tried them and I am sure there are other outfits that does the same service as well.
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    GSM Centro (US: AT&T) is the obvious choice. But Tmo data will be much worse than Sprint's EVDO... Maybe by the time you get back, you'd be willing to give Sprint another (final?) chance... Sprint's CS is definitely improving... the new CEO (Hesse) has made CS a top priority... And Sprint's network is definitely better than Tmo's...
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    It is hard for me to believe that Sprint's customer service could be worse than AT&T (Cingular). AT&T's lousy customer service is one of the reasons that I have just bought 3 Sprint Centros in order to give Sprint's service a try. The broadband internet sounds promising. . .

    Anyway, I have probably spent 30 hours of my life on the phone with the idiots at AT&T, and they just can't get anything right. I've had it with them.
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    It seems if you read these forums long enough you find out that CS sucks for all the major networks. I have my own Sprint horror story, but alas I stick with them just because I believe the grass is no greener with the other carriers. All of them will give it to you hard while smiling and shaking your hand. Sprint has a good advantage in that their data rates are cheap and they have decent coverage in my area. So, IMO, don't let CS performance sway you...go with what you need and deal with it as it comes...
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    I have had T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon. They all suck, but T-Mobile has the best customer service ever. Now if they could just get their network up to their service standards they would be unstoppable. The best phone to get on T-Mobile network would be the Shadow. I have had the Dash, and the Wing. They are good phones but very low memory. The Shadow has superb memory plus it does everything the Dash and Wing does, its just not touch screen. For the power who needs a touchscreen.
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    I've been using my T650 for a few years now with T-Mobile. Good CS, unlimited internet for $20 a month. I'm happy with everything except the coverage. I live in Northern California, and even is some urban areas there's no coverage (Citrus Heights/Orangevale near Sacramento, for example). But there are no roaming charges in the US, and I have used my phone and checked my email in several European countries and Australia (though I did get a local SIM card in Australia).
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    My vote is Unlocked Centro for around $315.
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    Data tx/rx is DEFINITELY a must. I've had unlimited text and unlimited data with Sprint for about 5 years now, maybe even longer... Well whenever the Sanyo 8100 came out I've had Unlimited Vision. I was payin $15/mo for that, not bad.

    So an Unlocked Centro would work on T-mobile? Now my question is, how do i get one unlocked? I said I'm not against it, but I haven't actually tried anything unlocked. Never had the need, always had in-house Treos with Sprint.
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