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    It seems like sending text from your email is a much smarter idea than sending from the text messaging application right? If you have unlimited data and limited text.

    I have 2 people that I send and receive text messages with constantly. If I always send to and will this work totally fine? I started doing this a few days ago. I have an Alltel 700wx with limited text and unlimited data. The Pearl sprint friend and Java att friend both have unlimited text and no Internet plan.

    Is it correct that I would never be counted for text and they will never be counted for email if they always reply to and never send new? When the java phone replies to me their to field shows 1010100001. I don't know what the Sprint BB shows but both senders messages arrive in my email inbox.

    I am pretty sure that I will be only counted as email and they will be counted for simple text messages but I wanted to know if anyone had experience with this.
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    Yep, that seems to be the case. I'm in your situation (unlimited data, limited SMS), and I've sent e-mail to text addresses (and received replies) with no hit to my text alottment. The disadvantages are that you, the e-mailer, have to know the recipient's wireless carrier & address format, and you have to initiate the thread.
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