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  • Discontent Palmer: I LOVED you Palm.We could've had it all but you threw it away with lousy support!

    10 83.33%
  • Kool-Aid Palmer: A pink CDMA Centro & a red GSM one just released! You GO Palm!! I might buy both!

    2 16.67%
  • Newb Palmer: I just bought my first Centro and have no idea what this poll is about.

    0 0%
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    I think this is Palm's business strategy....

    "We have two types of loyal customers. First are the Kool-Aid Palmers. No matter what we release or how we treat them, they will still zealously support us. They get excited and say things like, 'Way to go Palm! ', if we release a Centro in pink one month and then, 'You GO PALM!', if we release a ruby red version the following month. Then there are the Discontented Palmers. Those are the ones we have pissed off in regards to recent Treo's and customer service. At this point anything we do with past products will be discounted by them as too little and too late. It is a no-win situation and we should consider them a lost cause.

    Given this, we should focus on new customers. We will have a clean slate with them as well as with a new product if we release it in a different form factor and name. Thus, the Centro will be born. If we clean up our support act we should be able to retain the new customers who will outnumber the Discontents lost. Together with the Kool-Aiders, we will have a much larger customer base than before. On top of it, when we come out with our next-gen phone, they will both hail things such as WIFI, Bluetooth Stereo, etc, as revolutionary and will be lining up to upgrade. Whereas the Discontents would just say it is about time but not trust us enough to be early adopters this time."

    If this is a strategy of the new powers to be at Palm then I can understand this is what they need to do. It is just pragmatism. I can't hold it against them. Colligan on the other hand.... he is the one who should be held accountable for this. The new powers at Palm should space him out an airlock. Now THAT would give Palm a clean slate with ME. All would be forgiven going forward.
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    I think I would have to fall into the category of "new customer." Despite having my 650 for two years now, it has only been in the last six months that I have really become aware of the advantage and use of PA/Smartphone devices. I previously had a Zire 71, and then a 21 before that . . . but again, I was too novice to really matter much.
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    I would fall in the category of... neither of the above.

    I am loyal to Palm in that I have not bailed on them yet and am still waiting... waiting... waiting for them to WOW me before upgrading my ancient 650, frustrated that they couldn't fix the 700P (the phone I really wanted- and still would if it was really fixed), and yet not such a fan-boy that I bought into all their other offerings.

    I'm not a kool-aid drinker, but I have yet to be swayed elsewhere either... nobody has make money off of a new phone purchase from me in years. (Vzn still reams me monthly on their fees, though)
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    I walked away from the workstation before posting the poll. It is now up. I can't wait to see the results. Please be HONEST THOUGH!
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    Lousy choices, what you have listed does not reflect many of us. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    Lousy choices, what you have listed does not reflect many of us. Ben
    Have another sip!
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    I'm more of an ambivalent Palmer. I like my Treo, but...wish it were more stable, had a better browser, was thinner, had better battery life. BUT I think it is the best smartphone out there and I love having ditched my LD and cell phone. But I'd have difficulty recommending it to a newbie, because it is so tempermental.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    Lousy choices, what you have listed does not reflect many of us. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaharr View Post
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    i'm off palm now. didnt have any choice after 10 years of palm devices.
    i might hop back in if palm comes out with a proper palm device.
    as a rule, i will simply ignore palm's windows mobile devices.
    palm should stay palm.
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    Like others, my attitude to Palm is a bit like Churchill's to democracy. My 680's not great, but it's still the best (possibly the only workable) choice for me.
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    Yeah i have to say i don't fall conveniently into any of the categories either.

    Was HEAVILY exposed to Palms back in the mid 90s by a few very clever and capable programmers, so ...... ( Some of you can guess what comes next )

    I have always considered Palms the pinnacle of handhelds despite only owning an old 3Com PalmIII.
    (until last week when i bought my Treo 650, 25 and 5 to unlock both on ebay, you gotta really love that site sometimes ).
    Not because Palm have the absolute best hardware, customer service, or latest bleeding edge features.

    But because the Palm OS has such a huge archive of apps and for me data devices are all about the apps. Add the dedicated army of many Palm developers, means it will be a long time before that changes.

    IMHO the software library and the depth of it has always been Palms biggest
    ( some would say only asset )
    Any new marketing strategy would be well advised to push that as a major feature.
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    While I am a discontented Palm user (650, 2 700ps, 755p, Centro), I am not quite ready to abandon ship, but it would not take much to push me over the edge. Maybe an iphone if available through Sprint. I have had too many issues with trying to work with Macs, a Windows based office network, and syncing issues. I am tired Palm support telling me that "it is not a Palm issue" and after having a conference call with Palm, Sprint and Entourage support learning that I cannot simply sync with Entourage with the Centro, although I had worked a way to do so with the 700p. Bottom line, if there is not a "cure" soon, I will clearly be in the "you threw it away" group. Sad, because I prefer the Palm platform to any Windows based product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    Lousy choices, what you have listed does not reflect many of us. Ben
    I have to agree with Ben's comment. Many of the poll options fall on the side of a negative view of Palm (you either absolutely hate Palm, you are a ditzy kool-aid drinker with no sense of up or down, or you are too new and ignorant to know anything).

    So, I will not vote and leave the results poorly skewed. I fall between the "kool-aid drinker" (I am a Palm loyalist, but not for the reasons that you have listed) and the discontent user.

    So, 1 vote for "I Love Palm, I am a little disappointed. Here's to the future!"
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